Thursday, December 20, 2012

Book Review: ARENA ONE

Arena One


Book One of the Survival Trilogy
by Morgan Rice

Wow. I picked this up on a whim, thinking it'd be another somewhat intriguing post-apocalypse novel, just something to read while I wait for the next books in my favorite series to come out.

Let's just say I was wrong!

This book is incredibly vivid and at times disturbingly grotesque. It feels very real and not like the glossed over zombie dystopians that seem to be hitting shelves. There is a heartbreaking amount of tragedy and death in this book. It seems like as soon as I fall for a sub character, the book takes them away from me. The amount of strength and bravery that the main characters have, combined with their 'only human' flaws and mistakes make this story SO VERY REAL to me. There were parts when I wanted to put the book down because it was so disturbingly written but I'm so glad I didn't! The gore absolutely adds to the very raw feeling of the novel and it wouldn't have been complete without it! I finished this book, bought the second and finished it as well within a day! I simply cannot wait for the second! I'm usually very un attracted to books with a lot of violence, but for some reason, this book just sold it, because it is all very realistic and necessary. The lengths that Brooke goes to for her sister, Bree simply captivate me, but she is also very human, and sometimes the lines between good and evil are not so clear. She kills time and time again for her survival and to save her friends, but she has unmoving loyalty towards those she knows and loves.

Holy cow. What a fantastic, fast paced, heart wrenching first novel in the series! I am pleased to say that I am heavily disturbed by this book and loving it!

Back from hiatus/happy holidays!

So uh... hey everyone. *sheepish smile.*
I'm back!
My grandaddy passed away early november and it's been hectic with family stuff and the holidays!

BUT. I still have been reading and I am now back! I will be now be back to posting my weeklies/reviews/etc starting this weekend and opening a holiday giveaway in the next few days, as well as an update on who won my last giveaway and such. So check back!

Happy Holidays!