Reviewing System and Policy

Reviewing Policy:

I accept: 

Any Young Adult Novels
My favorites being: Paranormal/Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Mythology, Urban, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, etc.
Adult Fantasy Novels

I will occasionally accept:

(and only if it sparks my interest.)
Non Fiction
Science Fiction
Anything else not listed


The reason I will accept romance novels but not erotica is because I simply do not enjoy plot-less smut. I am not offended by sex scenes, in fact, if well written and tasteful and staying within the plot, I quite enjoy them. But I don't read books for smut, I read them for character, life, plot, setting, etc.

All books that I agree to review will be posted on my blog, no matter my final rating. I WILL give an honest opinion. I will not give you a fabulous review simply because you asked me to review it and gave me a copy. However, I do read a lot of genres and I feel like I am a very fair reviewer. I review on content, characters, setting, plot, etc and I do not compare books to others. I review a book solely based on the content within.

I retain the right to deny books. I will try to accept as many books as possible, but I do have time constraints (hello college and a full time job!) and I will not accept more books than I can handle.

If your book is accepted, I will read and review it in a timely manner. ARCs and books given to me by authors/publishers will be reviewed before the books I read on my personal time.
That being said, if you have a deadline in which you need/want the book reviewed, you need to let me know before I accept it. That IS a factor on which books I will accept.

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