What to Expect from my Blog.

On My Shelf: 

I will post a new On My Shelf post every other Thursday. I decided not to do them weekly so that the material was always different. In these posts I will describe what I am currently reading, what I have finished but not yet reviewed, and what is next up for me to read, as well as occasionally featuring books I just bought or found that I am extremely excited about.

Musing Monday:

Every Monday I will answer a question (a musing, if you will.)
This is hosted by: Should Be Reading

Top Ten Tuesday

Almost every Tuesday (AKA whenever I really like the prompt) I will post my answers to a list of 'top tens' selected by the marvelous host of this meme: The Broke and the Bookish.

Teaser Tuesday:

Every Tuesday I will open my current read and post two random teasers!
This is hosted by: Should Be Reading

Waiting On Wednesday:

This will be posted every other Wednesday. Hosted by Breaking the Spine. This post spotlights upcoming releases that I'm super freaking excited for!

Throwback Thursday:

Occasional Thursdays I will spotlight a "Throwback," which is usually an older book that deserves some glory. This can be a book from my childhood, one of my old favorites, one that brings back memories, one that I've always wanted to read, etc. This is hosted by: Take Me Away.

Friday Finds

Every Friday (or so) I will post several of my new 'finds' from the week! This is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading. It doesn't have to be books I bought or read, just ones I discovered in the last week.

Monthly Releases:

At the beginning of every month I will post what books are being released what month and what I am most excited about!


Once my blog reaches 30 followers, I will start having giveaways. I haven't decided yet how often I will have them, but probably about once a month! So tell your friends to start following!

Book Reviews:

There is no special day for book reviews because I post them as I finish them. Sometimes I read a lot of books at once and don't post them immediately--but I will post them as fast as I can!


Once my blog gets some more followers, I will start organizing and posting interviews with authors and sometimes other book bloggers.

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