Thursday, August 23, 2012

On My Shelf: August 23rd

Hi! I'm going to start doing these 'On My Shelf' posts where I will post what I am currently reading, what I have bought and are next in line for me to read, and what I have recently read but have not yet posted reviews on.

Currently Reading:

I'm 1/2 of the way through!
I'm so in love with this series.

About 3 Chapters in.
I've heard good things, but I've also heard that this book is super degrading to women...
I'm a MAJOR feminist, but many of my friends like it, so I decided I'd give the book a chance.... we'll see how it goes!

Just Finished (Yet to review):

Next Up:

Heard amazing things about it, and it was on sale on amazon kindle books. 
I won this on Good reads First Reads giveaway... so excited! Looks to be a lot like Percy Jackson!
This is sitting on my kindle, taunting me....  I LOVED the first one.

And there are like 10 other books I've got waiting on my kindle, but I'll post them on my next On My Shelf post. Thanks! Be sure to comment with any books you've read lately that you recommend: i'm always on the lookout for new books!

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