Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Untraceable

I know what you're all thinking... 'Emily posted a review?! What?! She actually posts those?' I know they take me forever... I'm going to start forcing myself to write them right after I finish a book so I don't put it off... anyways, here you gooo!


by S.R. Johannes

Four and a half Stars.

I downloaded this book on a whim when I was browsing free ebooks on amazon. Basically I loved the pretty cover and was also intrigued by the synopsis.

Usually the quality of obscure free books on amazon isn't the best, but I'm pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

First of all, I totally connected with the main character, Grace. She was written in a way that even though we have very little in common (for example, settings, interests, situations, etc) I was really able to fall in love with her as a character because of her determination to be strong. She absolutely refuses to allow herself to be weak and sees emotion as weakness. She is confused by Mo, who wears his heart on his sleeve and says everything he thinks. I LOVE this because I can totally relate with it! It's so realistic! I'm amazed how very three dimensional Johannes made her characters. If nothing else, I would read this book again just for Grace.

This plot is rich. I was happily surprised. Some plot twists I totally saw coming... until it turned into yet ANOTHER plot twist! and I'm talking about in a non-confusing, fast-paced, exhilarating, OH MY GOSH 'what is going on here?' kind of way!

Oh, and I can't forget about Mo! HE IS HOT. I LOVE the dark edge to his personality/story! Everyone has one of those and I'm so glad he got one! I hate perfect heroes in books... because perfect men don't exist! Wynn is nice too, but... I was definitely team putting Wynn in the friend zone and leaving him there....
I'm really tired of love triangles, and I'm happy to report that this love triangle lasts for like five seconds, and then she makes up her mind. THANK YOU, S.R. Johannes for being the one who finally writes a satisfying love triangle!

The only reason I took half a star away is that I felt like the romantic scenes were a little cheesy at times. I was a little disappointed that this book was so REAL but then when it got to romance it would build and then leave me like, uh... what? I'm hoping this improves in the next book!

And I finished it right in time for the second to come out! Definitely high up on my to read list!

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